Service Detail

Remove unwanted background noise in recordings or video soundtrack. (10 mins max)

Service Description :

I can offer to clean unwanted background noise from recorded audio files, video file soundtracks, or even recordings from the dailies being returned from location shoots before the media hits the editing room.

I can repair distortion, background noise/hum/air conditioning fan noise, crackling, radio interference and in most cases excessive echo can also usually be reduced to make the recordings sound cleaner and more connected to the viewer or listener.

Please Note: I will repair media which is of a duration of 10 mins or less only for this service.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Very simply, I will require your original source file(s) which contain the audio content to be repaired or all media stems needed for the sound restoration process.

All needed materials can be sent to me via a file delivery service such as WeTransfer, DropBox or just shared on Google Drive or similar.


Laura Wagner
Laura W

Manufacturing & Operations Leader

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