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100% custom SEO website audit – fully optimise your websites seo

Service Description :

Simply put… This is the BEST return on investment ROI you will ever make when it comes to SEO Success!

Is your website Performing? NO?

Do you want to Get the Best Ranking POSSIBLE and DRIVE more Traffic to your Site? YES?

Before You start Link building and promoting your website it’s important to make sure the Foundations are in place otherwise google will penalise your site from the off!

Not having important SEO elements can be the difference between first page results and disappearing, nowhere to be seen!

This service is a COMPLETE SEO audit, analysis, report for new websites and established websites with custom instructions to fix all errors and dramatically increase ranking.

The purpose of this document is to identify potential areas for improvement within your website, If implemented will produce MASSIVE results:

We will review the main aspects of your site, PIN POINT the elements LOSING your traffic and SEO ranking. Every section of your site will be examined, discussed and feedback provided

At the very end, we provide an overall scorecard & Analysis/Report of your site and the actions you may wish to undertake to improve or enhance your site.

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