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Hello! Welcome to my GW page. If you’re here, then you’ve stumbled across my name or I have applied for a job you’ve posted. Either way, you probably are trying to find out a little bit more about me, so allow me to assist you.

My name is Tayla Blaire and I am a freelance writer and editor. On GW I have worked on content writing for websites as well as product descriptions for just about anything and everything – from phone covers, rugby and novelty gifts, to mystics, preschools and ball gowns! So it’s safe to say that, if I don’t already have experience in your niche, I can figure it out and write you some killer content. I’m versatile in terms of writing ability and I can switch my style (chameleon-like) to suit your needs. Flowery descriptive prose? Dry sarcasm? Cold facts? You got it! You are guaranteed 100% original content with me: no spinning, no plagiarism, nada.

I have experience in both online and printed platforms and I am a monthly contributor for a South African lifestyle magazine. I am adept at SEO-writing but I do not provide keyword research – that’s a whole other specialisation and I’ve elected to concentrate my focus on writing. In terms of interests, my background lies in English, psychology and education. As a result, anything within these spheres will pique my interest but I am also an avid traveller, cook, gardener, fashionista and cat-lover.

I am a qualified high school English teacher which means I have a natural eye for editing – a comma out of place drives me mental. As such, all of my work has the added advantage of being proofread by an editor, so you’re really buying the full package here. As such, I might not be the cheapest copywriter on the platform, but thanks to a very weak South African Rand (my home country) and very strong international currencies, it’s likely that I am more affordable than someone local. A fair amount of consideration goes into each proposal that I send, including the amount that I quote. I am willing to negotiate within reason, particularly when there is the potential for long term work. That said, I do believe that my rates are a reflection of my years of experience and writing ability. I also have a pretty impressive turnover rate in terms of project completion (depending how many projects I have on the go) and I have never – ever – missed a deadline. The thought makes me anxious, to be honest.

In terms of ‘rules of engagement’, it helps to be as specific as possible from the get-go. I would rather see this:
“I want 500 words of content that advertises our child-leash as the best in the business, outshining all competitors in the USA, and make sure you use three similes and four alliterations while you do it, with a pun in the headline…and make sure you refer to Homer Simpson at least twice.”
Than this:
“I would like to advertise my child-leash product.”

Please don’t worry about coming across as too prescriptive or “order-y” (as one client phrased it). The more specific you are, the more likely I am to produce exactly what you’re looking for the first time around. Then the revisions I provide for you are more likely to be tweaks than rewrites – saving us both time and saving you money as well.

In terms of ownership, all copyright of the work I complete for you becomes yours once I have received full payment. However, I reserve the right to include this work in my personal portfolios, unless not doing so is explicitly agreed to in writing with my client in advance. After all, chances are what is in my portfolio brought you here! Freelancers rely on referral, reviews and portfolios to make a living, so please bear the above in mind.

I think I’ve covered just about everything but if you have further questions, please feel free to send me a message.


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